Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* cleanup for EL-8HEADmasterRemi Collet2018-12-061-3/+6
* v1.0.0Remi Collet2017-05-051-5/+7
* use phpunit6 when availableRemi Collet2017-03-301-7/+15
* 1.0.0rc1 from FedoraRemi Collet2017-03-303-43/+39
* missing filesRemi Collet2017-03-241-0/+48
* php-fedora-autoloader: 0.2.1Remi Collet2016-10-291-23/+30
* php-fedora-autoloader: workaround when not in global autoloaderRemi Collet2016-10-271-2/+8
* php-fedora-autoloader: 0.2.0 (backport from Fedora)Remi Collet2016-10-262-52/+9
* php-fedora-autoloader: rename 1 method to avoid conflicts with symfonyRemi Collet2016-10-252-1/+26
* php-fedora-autoloader: ensure we use newly installed autoloader in buildrootRemi Collet2016-10-222-6/+42
* php-fedora-autoloader: 0.1.2Remi Collet2016-10-212-153/+6
* test build with patch from PR #6 (fix addPsr0)Remi Collet2016-10-212-1/+154
* php-fedora-autoloader: add backport stuffRemi Collet2016-10-202-0/+35
* php-fedora-autoloader: import from FedoraRemi Collet2016-10-201-0/+139