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* add Collet2019-11-0420-0/+20
* add Collet2019-11-0428-0/+28
* promote as officialRemi Collet2019-09-1248-0/+48
* remi-php74 is openRemi Collet2019-09-051-2/+28
* re enable mirror Collet2019-08-2928-28/+28
* temp disable stalled mirror mirror.xeonbd.comRemi Collet2019-08-2928-28/+28
* temp disable stalled mirror Collet2019-08-2928-28/+28
* new repo (f31 + php74)Remi Collet2019-08-2224-0/+360
* promote as officialRemi Collet2019-08-2038-0/+38
* re-enable Collet2019-07-0922-22/+22
* temporarily disable stalled Collet2019-07-0822-22/+22
* promote as officialRemi Collet2019-07-0138-0/+54
* temporarily disable + enable for testRemi Collet2019-06-2822-22/+22
* add, now officialRemi Collet2019-06-0322-0/+22
* switch from to https://mirror.23media.comRemi Collet2019-05-1616-16/+16
* switch from to https://mirror.23media.comRemi Collet2019-05-1622-22/+22
* add new mirror in FranceRemi Collet2019-03-2522-0/+22
* F30Remi Collet2019-03-0145-0/+1280