path: root/fedora/29
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* switch from to https://mirror.23media.comRemi Collet2019-05-1628-28/+28
* add new mirror in FranceRemi Collet2019-03-2528-0/+28
* temporarily disable remi.mirror.wearetriple.comRemi Collet2019-02-2528-28/+28
* add Collet2019-02-1856-0/+56
* add new mirror in UkraineRemi Collet2019-02-1128-0/+28
* add glpi94 repositoryRemi Collet2018-12-216-0/+150
* add mirror list for remi-modular-testRemi Collet2018-12-034-0/+100
* add F29 modular repoRemi Collet2018-11-285-0/+109
* add expanded mirror listsRemi Collet2018-11-0728-0/+700
* re-enable mirror.oxilion.nlRemi Collet2018-11-067-7/+7
* temporarily disable out of sync mirror.oxilion.nlRemi Collet2018-11-067-7/+7
* + Collet2018-08-2814-0/+14
* F29 layoutRemi Collet2018-08-2215-0/+468