path: root/fedora/25
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* enable remi.mirrors.arminco.comRemi Collet2017-05-034-4/+4
* disable out of sync remi.mirrors.arminco.comRemi Collet2017-05-024-4/+4
* disable (DNS failure)Remi Collet2017-03-304-4/+4
* disable (unsynced)Remi Collet2017-03-304-4/+4
* New mirror: Collet2017-03-088-0/+8
* remove Collet2017-02-154-4/+0
* add Collet2017-02-134-0/+4
* (re)enable Collet2017-01-234-4/+4
* add new NL mirror on Collet2016-12-168-0/+8
* New mirror: Collet2016-12-068-0/+8
* disable out of sync layerjet mirrorRemi Collet2016-11-184-4/+4
* add as official mirrorRemi Collet2016-10-114-0/+4
* re-enable layerjet mirrorRemi Collet2016-10-094-4/+4
* promote innoscale as official US mirrorsRemi Collet2016-10-094-0/+12
* Mirror: add testing mirrors + temp. disable layerjetRemi Collet2016-10-064-4/+4
* more https mirrorRemi Collet2016-10-024-0/+20
* Fedora 25Remi Collet2016-09-115-0/+246