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add option to retrieve error message instead of raising a warning
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@@ -0,0 +1,36 @@
+Check for rpminfo function errors
+<?php if (!extension_loaded("rpminfo")) print "skip"; ?>
+echo "+ PHP Warnings\n";
+var_dump(rpminfo(__DIR__ . "/missing.rpm"));
+echo "\n+ PHP Warnings\n";
+var_dump(rpminfo(__DIR__ . "/missing.rpm", true, $error),
+ $error);
+var_dump(rpminfo(__FILE__, false, $error),
+ $error);
+var_dump(is_array(rpminfo(__DIR__ . "/bidon.rpm", false, $error)),
+ $error);
++ PHP Warnings
+Warning: rpminfo(): Can't open '%s/tests/missing.rpm': No such file or directory in %s on line %d
+Warning: rpminfo(): Can't read '%s/tests/006-rpminfo-errors.php': Argument is not a RPM file in %s on line %d
++ PHP Warnings
+string(75) "Can't open '%s/tests/missing.rpm': No such file or directory"
+string(87) "Can't read '%s/tests/006-rpminfo-errors.php': Argument is not a RPM file"