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masterback to devRemi Collet9 days
v0.2.1commit d36c4f1325...Remi Collet9 days
v0.2.0commit 4cf5ea4642...Remi Collet13 days
v0.1.2commit 6055e3d872...Remi Collet13 days
v0.1.1commit 70afefed1c...Remi Collet4 weeks
v0.1.0commit 1302bb81b7...Remi Collet4 weeks
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9 daysback to devHEADmasterRemi Collet2-5/+20
9 daysRelease 0.2.1v0.2.1Remi Collet3-4/+4
9 daysfix testRemi Collet1-3/+20
9 daysclean debug stuffRemi Collet1-3/+4
9 daysfiles list retrieval (examples)Remi Collet1-5/+15
9 daysretrieve array of int from metadata, allow dependency retrievalRemi Collet7-5/+161
12 daysretrieve array of strings from metadataRemi Collet3-237/+38
12 daysadd summary in minimal information setRemi Collet4-3/+8
13 daysadd example: minimal userlan OO libraryRemi Collet2-0/+79
13 daysback to devRemi Collet2-4/+19