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diff --git a/php-fpm.conf b/php-fpm.conf
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@@ -43,6 +43,24 @@ error_log = /var/log/php-fpm/error.log
; Default Value: notice
;log_level = notice
+; Log limit on number of characters in the single line (log entry). If the
+; line is over the limit, it is wrapped on multiple lines. The limit is for
+; all logged characters including message prefix and suffix if present. However
+; the new line character does not count into it as it is present only when
+; logging to a file descriptor. It means the new line character is not present
+; when logging to syslog.
+; Default Value: 1024
+;log_limit = 4096
+; Log buffering specifies if the log line is buffered which means that the
+; line is written in a single write operation. If the value is false, then the
+; data is written directly into the file descriptor. It is an experimental
+; option that can potentionaly improve logging performance and memory usage
+; for some heavy logging scenarios. This option is ignored if logging to syslog
+; as it has to be always buffered.
+; Default value: yes
+;log_buffering = no
; If this number of child processes exit with SIGSEGV or SIGBUS within the time
; interval set by emergency_restart_interval then FPM will restart. A value
; of '0' means 'Off'.