Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* add syspaths sub package providing system-wide wrappersHEADmasterRemi Collet2019-02-201-3/+55
* cleanup for EL-8Remi Collet2019-01-181-2/+13
* scl-utils 2.0.2 drop modules supportRemi Collet2018-08-231-4/+13
* php-pecl-mysql: refresh for PHP 7.1Remi Collet2016-06-081-5/+5
* php70: add module file for ELRemi Collet2016-03-101-5/+14
* php70: fix override for pecl_xmldirRemi Collet2016-03-072-3/+6
* php scl: add missing sbin in PATH (Fedora)Remi Collet2016-01-051-3/+5
* php70: requires semanage and selinuxenabled commands instead of packagesRemi Collet2015-11-041-2/+7
* php70: F23 rebuild with rh_layoutRemi Collet2015-09-181-1/+4
* php70: use rh_layout instead of nfsmountable in FedoraRemi Collet2015-06-241-2/+8
* php70: prepare new SCL layoutRemi Collet2015-06-231-1/+25
* php70: fix unowned directoriesRemi Collet2015-03-261-2/+16
* php70 metapackage + build stuff for new collectionRemi Collet2015-03-255-0/+591