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* skip tests failing with xdebug v3HEADmasterRemi Collet2021-03-241-5/+12
* v6.1.4Remi Collet2018-10-311-3/+6
* v6.1.3Remi Collet2018-10-231-2/+5
* update to 6.1.1Remi Collet2018-10-182-9/+16
* update to 6.1.0Remi Collet2018-10-162-22/+8
* v6.0.8Remi Collet2018-10-041-3/+6
* v6.0.7Remi Collet2018-06-011-3/+7
* update to 6.0.6Remi Collet2018-06-012-9/+13
* v6.0.5Remi Collet2018-05-281-2/+5
* v6.0.4Remi Collet2018-05-021-2/+5
* update to 6.0.3Remi Collet2018-04-092-8/+12
* normal buildRemi Collet2018-02-071-3/+12
* use full path instead of relying on include_pathRemi Collet2018-02-021-10/+8
* Update to 6.0.1Remi Collet2018-02-022-50/+66
* dumplicate v5 spec fileRemi Collet2018-02-025-0/+635