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authorRemi Collet <>2017-02-18 10:44:25 +0100
committerRemi Collet <>2017-02-18 10:44:25 +0100
commitac97ee7d7e9e15aee8d646e7c7d62dbfe8b1048c (patch)
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php: update opcache default configuration about opcache.validate_permission and opcache.validate_root
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diff --git a/opcache.ini b/opcache.ini
index 21f16ad..aae4888 100644
--- a/opcache.ini
+++ b/opcache.ini
@@ -93,3 +93,14 @@ opcache.blacklist_filename=/etc/php.d/opcache*.blacklist
; Useful for internal debugging only.
+; Validate cached file permissions.
+; Leads OPcache to check file readability on each access to cached file.
+; This directive should be enabled in shared hosting environment, when few
+; users (PHP-FPM pools) reuse the common OPcache shared memory.
+; Prevent name collisions in chroot'ed environment.
+; This directive prevents file name collisions in different "chroot"
+; environments. It should be enabled for sites that may serve requests in
+; different "chroot" environments.