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* build out of sources treeHEADmasterRemi Collet2023-09-041-15/+22
* update required rust versionRemi Collet2022-10-141-1/+4
* fix SCL buildRemi Collet2022-09-191-7/+6
* use cargo vendor feature to reduce sources sizeRemi Collet2022-07-011-2/+26
* update to 5.0.1Remi Collet2022-06-301-52/+53
* update to 5.0.0Remi Collet2022-06-301-6/+6
* update to 4.2.0Remi Collet2021-11-031-1/+11
* update to 4.1.3Remi Collet2021-08-261-1/+6
* update to 4.1.2Remi Collet2021-04-301-10/+11
* update to 4.1.1Remi Collet2020-11-191-5/+6
* update to 4.1.0Remi Collet2020-11-131-10/+15
* add patch to properly check available command fromRemi Collet2020-10-151-2/+12
* update to 4.0.0Remi Collet2020-10-151-13/+30
* update to 3.3.2Remi Collet2020-06-051-1/+4
* update to 3.3.1Remi Collet2020-06-031-1/+4
* update to 3.3.0Remi Collet2020-05-131-3/+6
* v3.2.8Remi Collet2020-03-231-1/+4
* v3.2.6Remi Collet2020-02-131-1/+4
* v3.2.5Remi Collet2020-02-111-5/+8
* new packageRemi Collet2019-12-091-0/+235