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* update to 2.4.2HEADmasterRemi Collet2022-09-151-7/+7
* update to 2.4.1Remi Collet2022-08-291-21/+21
* refresh bundled symfony for 5.4.11Remi Collet2022-07-291-35/+35
* open fix command pathRemi Collet2022-07-221-7/+147
* update to 2.3.8Remi Collet2022-07-011-24/+24
* update to 2.3.7Remi Collet2022-06-071-48/+48
* update to 2.3.6Remi Collet2022-06-021-49/+49
* update to 2.3.5Remi Collet2022-04-141-7/+7
* update to 2.3.4Remi Collet2022-04-081-36/+36
* update to 2.3.3Remi Collet2022-04-021-15/+16
* update to 2.3.0RC2Remi Collet2022-03-211-17/+17
* update to 2.2.8Remi Collet2022-03-151-61/+61
* update to 2.2.7Remi Collet2022-02-251-39/+65
* update to 2.2.6Remi Collet2022-02-051-12/+12
* lower minimal php version back to 7.2.5Remi Collet2022-01-311-43/+43
* use system libraries on Fedora, bundled libraries on ELRemi Collet2022-01-251-0/+1869