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* add uwsgi-plugin-phpRemi Collet2017-06-213-0/+0
* add wizard link in nav menuRemi Collet2017-06-133-3/+6
* Wizard: make more explicit than packages have same name than in base repoRemi Collet2016-09-294-0/+0
* switch to httpdRemi Collet2016-09-273-6/+6
* tweak the repo styleRemi Collet2016-03-081-1/+1
* biger elephpantRemi Collet2016-03-054-1/+1
* New repo style, with the ElePHPantRemi Collet2016-03-053-1/+1
* initial importRemi Collet2015-12-1823-0/+629