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* remi-php54 repoRemi Collet2017-02-102-0/+44
* (re)enable Collet2017-01-239-9/+9
* add new NL mirror on Collet2016-12-1617-0/+17
* add mirror (testing)Remi Collet2016-12-121-0/+1
* New mirror: Collet2016-12-0618-0/+18
* disable out of sync layerjet mirrorRemi Collet2016-11-189-9/+9
* add as official mirrorRemi Collet2016-10-118-0/+8
* re-enable layerjet mirrorRemi Collet2016-10-099-9/+9
* promote innoscale as official US mirrorsRemi Collet2016-10-099-0/+25
* add for testingRemi Collet2016-10-071-0/+1
* Mirror: add testing mirrors + temp. disable layerjetRemi Collet2016-10-069-9/+11
* more https (add httpsmirror list)Remi Collet2016-10-0118-9/+63
* new mirror: ca.mirror.babylon.networkRemi Collet2016-08-099-0/+9
* new mirror: Collet2016-06-287-0/+7
* php 7.1 repo layoutRemi Collet2016-06-263-3/+87
* add debuginfo repo for fedora 23, 24Remi Collet2016-06-221-2/+8
* add (testing phase)Remi Collet2016-06-202-0/+2
* Add new official mirrorsRemi Collet2016-06-027-0/+19
* new mirror (testing): http://nl.mi...Remi Collet2016-06-012-0/+4
* add Collet2016-05-167-0/+7
* mirror: removing remi.kazukioishi.netRemi Collet2016-05-027-7/+0
* test70 also open for i386Remi Collet2016-04-121-0/+6
* Mirror: re-enable neolabs.kzRemi Collet2016-04-037-7/+7
* remporarily disable which is stalledRemi Collet2016-03-307-7/+7
* mirror: add Collet2016-03-297-0/+7
* cleanup mirror list + add for testRemi Collet2016-03-187-35/+0
* mirror: enable again awanti and layerjetRemi Collet2016-03-047-14/+14
* awanti mirror is stalledRemi Collet2016-03-027-7/+7
* mirrors: drop and temp. disable layerjet.comRemi Collet2016-02-167-14/+14
* track distro index pageRemi Collet2016-01-151-0/+154
* Mirrors: re-enable mirror.awanti.comRemi Collet2016-01-127-7/+7
* new mirror in Kazakhstan, Collet2016-01-117-0/+7
* Mirrors: disable stalled, enable for testRemi Collet2016-01-087-7/+7
* initial importRemi Collet2015-12-187-0/+196